As stated by Mayor Dean Trantalis in his Newsletter dated April 2015,

“A key component of the Master Plan was identifying the need for green space. The plan recognized that an important component to an inviting neighborhood is more parks for residents to enjoy. Unfortunately, the threat of development looms over the main site in Flagler Village that the Master Plan identified for future park space – the former Building Department, or what many call the One Stop Shop. The site has a beautiful tree canopy and is the only place for a new park in Flagler Village. This park would provide the oasis from urban encroachments that loom just ahead as new development is planned and built nearby. That makes it even more important for us to press hard for the city to keep its promise of a park on the site of the old City Hall/One Stop Shop.”


The City Commissioners and Mayor of Fort Lauderdale are currently considering a proposed Public-Private Partnership (P3) development with the City from the owner of Revolution Live, Jeff John, which is a large indoor music venue and would cause a host of problems in our quiet residential neighborhood of Flagler Village.

Noise Pollution

The proposed development would include a music venue in the heart of a quiet residential neighborhood which would create noise from events that take place day and night and would negatively affect the quality of life of hundreds of families who live nearby if this proposed development was approved by the City.

Alcohol Service

Alcohol would be served throughout the day and night in the music venue, and those who have alcohol may likely become inebriated. We are well aware of just how unruly people who are inebriated can be, especially as right across the street are apartments, hotels, and condominiums with hundreds of families with children.

Community Reputation

The amount of damage to the reputation of the quiet neighborhood could be significant from an establishment of this nature. Property values have the potential to decrease because of traffic congestion, noise pollution, and people who are served alcohol and spill out onto the property after an event.

“The city has collected $6 million in park impact fees from Flagler Village developments over the past 6 years, for the sole purpose of developing parks, but no parks in Flagler Village are being developed. Building a commercial music venue within a residential neighborhood is not a public need or purpose.” – Leann Barber, President of Flagler Village Civic Association

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Benefits of a New Park at the One Stop Shop location:

  • It would promote community wellness and health
  • It would improve the attractiveness of the community to homebuyers and businesses
  • It would be more desirable to live, work, and play
  • It would encourage activity for adults and children
  • It would increase property values
  • It would provide vegetative buffers to developments
  • It would produce a habitat for wildlife
  • It would create a safe gathering place
  • It would protect the old-growth trees
  • It would improve psychological and social health
  • It would attract tourists, filling hotel rooms and bringing customers to local stores
  • It would provide intrinsic environmental, aesthetic, and recreational benefits to our City


Parks strengthen local economies and create jobs.

Parks attract residents and businesses, increase revenue for cities, spur private investment, and increase job opportunities. In Denver, $1.2 million in federal park grants resulted in $2.5 billion in public and private investments responsible for strengthening local economies. [Source]

Parks increase community engagement and reduce crime.

Planning and programming that engages residents in the design of their local parks to foster a sense of community by the greening of vacant urban land, for example, it has been shown to decrease crime by making people feel happier and less inclined to engage in criminal acts in a park setting. [Source]

Parks help clean the air and improve public health.

Trees in urban parks remove up to 7,111,000 tons of toxins from the air annually at a value of $3.8 billion to each city. Green spaces also filter rainwater pollution, protecting drinking water, decreasing the rates of waterborne illness, and help cool our cities. [Source]


Just as water, sewer, and public safety are considered essential public services, parks are vitally important to establishing and maintaining the quality of life in a community, ensuring the health of families and youth, and contributing to the economic and environmental well-being of a community and a region.

There are no communities that pride themselves on their quality of life, promote themselves as a desirable location for businesses to relocate, or maintain that they are environmental stewards of their natural resources, without such communities having a robust, active system of parks and recreation programs for public use and enjoyment.

Parks have a value to communities that transcend the amount of dollars invested or the revenues gained from fees or taxes. Parks provide a sense of public pride and cohesion to every community.

Despite all the good that would come from developing this property as a park, we are still, to this day, facing a very real threat to that desire because the City is considering having private developers build large-scale buildings on a third of the park property.

Listen to what our community has to say about the need for a new park in Flagler Village.

An overwhelming consensus of community members and businesses are opposed to having this property being taken over by a private developer because of the resulting harm it would cause and which isn’t aligned with the City’s Master Plan of having a park on this property. 

Community members have consistently stated emphatically throughout the years to City officials that they want and need a new park in Flagler Village. 

If you agree that the entirety of the property at the former One Stop Shop location should remain open green space and reserved for the development of a park in Flagler Village as is outlined in the City’s Master Plan, please urge the City Commissioners to vote NO on the P3 in Flagler Village by signing our petition.

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